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Strifecoach is an exciting new community in the world of self help.  From our newsletter, full of genuine stories of self help success, to our forum, our main focus is to promote self help.  Self help not only for people, but also aspiring life coaches and mentors trying to build their business.  As part of that we have built the Strifecoach certification.  The idea is to not only let your past flaws be the strength that sets you apart from all of the others, but to also display those flaws proudly.  We help bring people together who need each other.  People who struggle, connecting in a meaningful way with people who have struggled.  Each of our Strifecoach certified life coaches has been trained not only as life coaches but have also met the standards of our certification program.  They each choose an "Area of expertise" when signing up.  It's a niche topic that they have experienced, suffered through, overcome and are now ready to devote themselves to helping others.  Strifecoaches must agree to a code of ethical conduct which they will follow to remain certified.

The life coach field is largely unregulated, because of that there is no standard governing the work of life coaches.  Although most certification programs boast an ICF or similar accreditation, Strifecoach helps to set life coaches apart from the many other practicing life coaches by holding them to a higher standard.  Those that choose to become Strifecoach certified are telling all of their potential clients that they practice with a high level of sincerity and integrity.  That they care enough to take the steps necessary to improve their brand and  become a part of what is the standard of Strifecoach.  This is especially beneficial to new life coaches who have not established themselves in the field yet.  With the certification program lasting 12 weeks, a new life coach can assure prospective clients of their integrity and passion for helping people.  They will boldly stand out by sharing their Strifecoach affiliation.  


  The Strifecoach certification is one that distinguishes a coach from the crowd.  At the same time it helps to strengthen and build their life coach brand.  Its a certification program as well as a membership that will help to really focus the chosen life coach niche.  

Our certification is a means to establish trust with potential clients.  It demonstrates a level of integrity above others by requiring our life coaches to agree and abide by specific standards and ethics.  They must assimilate these into their life coach practice and life, in order to keep their certification in good standing.

Some of these requirements include each life coach to:

  • Be in good financial standing

  • Agree to client/coach privacy policy

  • Not have any violent, sexual, or fraudulent criminal history in the past 2 years

These requirements, along with other aspects of the certification process are just part of what makes us the #1 life coach brand enhancement.  It will out do other traffic driving methods such as Google Ads as it will bring unparalleled organic value.  Value and integrity quickly realized as quality coaches and clients connect.  It's also a great way to increase online presence of coaches.  It gives them a profile for their business if they don't have your own website, and backlinks to help their SEO if they do.  Each Strifecoach certified life coach will also stand out as they proudly display the Strifecoach badge anywhere they advertise their business.

No matter what circumstances your past has brought you, it's never too late for a better future.  It's never too late to take the steps needed to Be More.

If you need help overcoming struggle and are interested in finding the best life coach, please browse our Certified Strifecoach Profile page.  You can also send us a message, we'll match you anonymously with a life coach or mentor that's right for you.


Check out our Become a Strifecoach page for more details and ways to benefit from joining our Strifecoach network.


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