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5 things you must start doing TODAY to grow your life coach business

Here are 5 things you must start doing TODAY to grow your life coach business into a successful 6 figure i



Get creative

Stay consistent

Guest blog

Make your services premium

Offer more Than the next guy

Just starting a new life coach business isn't enough now days. In the world of online business competition is tough. Your most successful competition, other life coaches, have been practicing for a while now and they are very well versed in what it took to create that success. In order to compete with your colleagues and predecessors we have come up with these 5 proven things you must start doing to successfully to grow your life coach business into a 6 figure income.

1. Get creative

Your competitors, in fact any person in competition must constantly find ways to out do the next, wherever their battlefield may be. You will need to take part in this little war in order to be successful to

o, but what will determine the victor of this little "donnie brook"? The person who finds the inspiration and determination to do more than the other will be the one to reap the rewards. In order to start seeing the more frequent lead closing results that will catapult a life coaches business and revenue, they must get creative and truly start competing. What's the biggest task to be tackled in "getting creative"? Well..... create! Creating content, although for many it may be a painful process, is necessary. It may not see an immediate return on investment, but it helps a new life coach in so many ways.

Here are a few reasons why creating content is so beneficial.

-It helps SEO

-It establishes trust

-It allow

s you to share yourself with those who otherwise don't know you

Things to create that will start propelling your life coach business?

-Blog posts

-How to tutorials

-Social media posts

-A High quality website and business logo

Stay consistent

This leads us into the next thing to start doing TODAY to build a 6 figure life coach income, stay consistent. As you create content such as blogging and social media posts, make sure to stay consist

ent. It isn't enough to simply post whenever you have time. That mentality will soon have your own brain convinced that you just never have time or that you'll do it later. Don't allow these thoughts of procrastination to take over your business. The best way to stop the excuses keeping you from becoming the new CEO of your company, is to figure out the scale of your business and decide on how much content you're able to produce in your spare time. Can you make the time to make 1 blog post per week? Per month? Maybe you've got an open schedule and can afford to easily create 2, 3, 4 or more social media posts per day! Do whatever you can, knowing that eventually you'll need to do more. That's the ultimate goal though right? To eventually rely on this part time income as a sole means of affording everything in your life. Create as much as you can regularly with a goal to not only get your name out there but to also establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Guest bl


Do this now! Trade blogging or article writing with other like minded professionals who will create a good synergy with your brand. It's a fantastic way to gain an audience outside of your normal areas of influence. The best part about it, if done right, is it can give your website SEO a huge boost. Make sure you write informative copy that includes your personal touch. Don't write what you've learned from reading on the internet. Write what is proprietary to you and your ability to help people. Create original works, don't be afraid to be yourself, and don't be afraid that someone is going to take "your angle" from you. Putting yourself out there means it's bound to happen, it's just a matter of time. You must constantly create and adapt to the competition. It's a part of business and living in fear is the quickest way to stay exactly where you are.

Making you

r services premium

What do we mean by this? Tying together everything you've read so far you will already begin to create a premium service. To take this farther you must do a few things. Typically, as part of your life coach certification you're required to have a certain amount of guided and unguided hours with clients where you (usually) offer free sessions in order to fulfill this requirement. It's very exciting isn't it?, to be coaching a person in your new found profession. Shortly after these sessions are over the excitement fades and is replaced by confusion, desire, frustration and a myriad of other thoughts and emotions. We can speak first hand to this despair that comes from finding so few, if not zero clients to fill your calendar with. It takes time and effort and a few key strategies in order to get out of the slump. I mean, that's exactly why Strifecoach was created! One step in getting out of that slump is recognizing your own value. STOP offering

free services, even if you're told that "it's a good way to get your foot in the door". It's not. Giving away services for free and then hoping that word of mouth will "do its thing" is silly. IF word of mouth prevails then part of the message that they'll spread will be that "they did it for free", which is not exactly the kind of referral a successful practice is looking for. Get yourself out of that cycle, the sooner you do, the less time you'll waste getting back on track.

We can bet that 95% of people who get into life coaching do so after reading "life coaches charge anywhere from $50 to $200 per session". In turn, your brain is now determined to make $50 to $200 per hour. This isn't likely, at least in the beginning. We mentioned previously to figure out the scale of your business currently. Well, in that step it was pretty easy to do. Your scale is basically how much you can produce in the time you can afford to perform work. We'll do the same thing again here with a slightly different strategy. Figure out the scale of your life coaching bus

iness at the point in which you'll be making what you would like to make ÷ how many hours you would like to work to achieve this. "I would like to make an extra $20,000 per year and I'm willing to work 8 hours per week to do this", Its a reasonable goal. "I would like to make $100,000 per year as a life coach and I'm willing to work 8 hours per week to do this." Still reasonable? We think so, but not by ONLY doing session work. There are many other ways to add in revenue along side your life coaching schedule. Our first equation amounted to approximately $50 per hour, being the amount you'll have to charge in order to achieve that stated goal. This is a great starting point! You could charge more or less, it's up to your discretion, but no longer offering free sessions of your services is the first step to creating a premium service.

Offer more Than the next guy


k to getting creative! In order to compete and notch out a place for yourself in the world of life coaching, you're going to have to constantly create. Now, our focus is on creating value within your services. What can you offer more or better than Karen over there who just got done with her certification as well? There's no silver bullet to slay this beast, no one answer that will solve all your issues. Again, a real, proprietary solution unique to your business or brand is the one that will launch your revenue out of this world. We don't mind offering a few suggestions though, adopt and structure them how you wish.

-Drop your prices!

Counter productive? Absolutely not.

If you're able to barter with yourself and convince the "boss" to work 2 extra hours per week, then you can adju

st your prices accordingly. You've now dropped your price point per hour down to approximately $39! Not bad if you ask me considering everyone else is still holding tight onto that $50 an hour or more dream. A dream that you’ll quicker realize when your schedule begins to fill, then soon after you can raise your prices in order to balance the demand for your expertise.

-Offer yourself as a life coach companion.

Dropping your prices makes you more affordable to the everyday person. Being able to be a companion to that everyday person just sweetens the pot. Offering yourself as a "companion" can be an amazing service for a lot of people. A majority of people seeking help may spend all day reading about solutions or in sessions with life coaches learning about them, but when it comes down to taking

action, they may need more direct motivation and support. This works the same as a sponsor does in addiction recovery. You can organize it so that your client is able to contact you through text during certain hours of the day. We've had multiple subscribers implement this quality of service in varying approaches with great success. Offer yourself to your clients in off times, of course make sure that you are safe, your privacy is protected and that your extended services have limits. This one thing alone can transmute your stagnant life coach or mentoring business into a successful one within weeks.

We invite you all to start doing these 5 things immediately in order to create a business more conducive to success

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