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Change your life- How to get started today as a life coach.

Updated: Jan 8

In this post we'll cover:

  • The benefits

of becoming a life coach

  • How you can make up to $200 an hour as a life coach

  • What types of life coaches are out there?

  • What nich

e should i pick to make the most money as a life coach?

  • What's my first step to take to become a successful life coach?

  • What are the benefits of becoming a life coach?

In order

to change your life, heres how to get started today as a life coach. Becoming a certified life coach can be life changing.  Life coaches have the ability to: determine how many hours in a day they wish to work.  How many days of the week they wish to work.  How much per hour they wish to work for.  The benefits to becoming a successful life coach are really endless because it allows to you work how you want when you want.  Not only that but your work day is a fulfilling one as you are able to interact with and help people through tough areas in their lives.  Some people have taken part in the "great resignation" to do just this, become a life coach.  The great resignation is a term used for a time where a large amount of undervalued employees have left their jobs to pursue their dreams.  Their dreams of financial freedom, the ability to work schedules tha

t better suit their lifestyles and to become more of a "CEO", by which they can more effectively shape the world around them.  According to the Harvard business review and the bureau of labor statistics, in 2021, over 47 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs as part of this "great resignation. Although quitting your job or career can be a stressful thing, having a side hustle as a certified life coach can make things much easier.

How you can make up to $200 an hour as a life coach

Once you

establish your brand and your coaching program you can begin to charge more based on your expertise and prior experience.  As your schedule begins to fill through word of mouth, return sessions and marketing, you will soon be able to choose just exactly how much you make in a day.  Decide if you'll charge more per hour, do multiple sessions per hour or decline to take appointments that aren't going to bring the revenue you desire.

Some coaches charge determined rates for a program promising specific results.

  • "$2000 - A 6 month boot camp to becoming a king among kings, taking control of your life and getti

ng the girl of your dreams".

This type of pricing structure not only allows you to break the program up into as many or as few sessions as you wish, thereby ultimately determining your hourly price, but it also allows you to take the focus off of the per hour cost.  The per hour cost will become the value of what you're offering, instead of that value being the services you offer.

"What kind of life coach should I be?"

This que

stion gets asked to strifecoach more often then you might think but there's nothing wrong with this question.  It's exciting to start a new business/ side hustle so of course you want to do it right.  The best and quickest way possible right?

In order to succeed at a life coach career, and at starting your own business, you mustn't chase dollar signs.  You'll spend too much time and effort trying to get to the money and eventually burn out when it doesn't come.  Instead of thinking about the all mighty dollar when choosing your niche as a life coach only offer something that you have a proprietary solution to.  This means pick a topic to coach on that you have experienced and overcome with great ability.   You may

even come up with a niche of your own or be able to rephrase a niche for marketing puporses.  Some of the most profitable niches out there are dating/relationship coaching, business coaching, executive coaching and marketing coaching, according to expertboxio.  Some newer, lesser known niches can also be very successful because they have fewer experienced and certified coaches targeting the market.  These include things like adhd/autistic coping and parenting, and addiction recovery.  At the end of the day, make sure you choose one that exemplifies your experience, ability and character.

The next step to becoming a life coach.  Where do I go from here?

We h

ighly suggest you certify with an accredited life coach program to get started.  Here is - a list of the 7 best accredited lifecoach certification programs from verywellmind.  It's a great place to get started.  Each program has its pros and cons, price and duration being the 2 you'll be most likely to consider.  What most of these programs don't tell you is that in the United States as well as other countries, you do not need a certification to be a life coach.  There is no governing body to determine who is or isn't, can or can't be a life coach.  No regulation, no real requirements.  For that r

eason we sugg

est that you do become certified as a life coach.  You'll want to be as legitimate and as professional in appearance as possible. There are also numerous specialized certifications available.  These are very beneficial as they can not only hone your coaching skills based on your niche but they can also increase your marketability. 

Consider looking into our certification  program, it comes free with a subscription to our newsletter.  It was designed to help standardize the life coach profession and to increase the credibility of life coaches.  Our certification in addition to a one of the others previously listed will get you a foothold in the world of life coaching.  From there, with the right strategy, a good amount of persistence and a few capable mentors to learn from along the way, you'll we ready to take the life coaching world by storm.

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