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Behind the Brand

From the beginning, Strifecoach has been driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible and engaged community of life coaches. The Strifecoach brand and the products it offers were developed to help new life coaches as well as those who have been trying to succeed in growing their life coach business.  It is a certification, led by a process to help grow and maximize a person's ability to help others while also creating a solid income.  Along with the certification process involved, Strifecoach offers additional tools to grow a life coaches business and help them to stand out.  Some of these tools are adertising through the Strifecoach network, a categorized listing on our website where people can browse life coaches based on their "area of expertise", and a full professional profile on the Strifecoach website where any relative information or links can be posted.  This profile is very helpful when it comes to online presense and the SEO of each life coaches personal or business websites.  The Strifecoach certified life coach also receives a premium embossed certificate to hang at their place of business and a Strifecoach badge or logo to place on their business cards and website.  This badge and being associated with the Strifecoach brand is the greatest of all benefits available.  It is a way to build instant credibility and trust with all prospective clients.  It allows life coaches to hyper focus their niches and stand out amongst many others who are offering similar experiences in a saturated market.  Strifecoach will be a powerful force to help new and struggling life coaches advertise their business in the most effective way possible.  More effective then trying to build a following by themselves and much more effective then paying and competing for ad space with Google Ads.

Why is it called Strifecoach?  We wanted to focus our name on true growth in order to help those most in need of life coaching services.  Our targeted clients are those who have been through much more than "the average person".  Many people have struggled their whole life.  Bad habits, poor choices, lack of opportunity.. many things can be the initial cause for struggle but soon that reason for struggle becomes a learned behavior that perpetuates the less desired life choices and path they'll continue to follow.  Strife is something that not everyone experiences and of those that do, even fewer will overcome.  Gladly though, many do and eventually turn their lives around and grow past their afflictions.  By this time though many mistakes have been made and second chances are rare.  Strifecoach was made with these people in mind.  This real struggle and the heroic battle to overcome is such a powerful message, one that should be shared with all those who need it.  It's a message that needs to be shared as a means to improve the life of those who currently need help as well as those who have already helped themselves and deserve to continue their growth by establishing themselves in a business that can create financial stability for them and their future.  The Strifecoach certification is a second chance, the chance to be more as you grab a hold of your life and finally take it where YOU want to go

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