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Strifecoach is life a self help and life coach brand enhancement newsletter and membership program.  We help to provide credibility, resources and inspiration to all those seeking understanding and improvement, including mentors and life coaches.  We also offer a forum led by life coaches and others who have struggled as well as categorized profiles for non coaches to browse if they are seeking help. 

What makes Strifecoach what it is? 

It renders down to a few things:

The Strifecoach Certification -

To those investigating a life coach as a potential solution to their problems, it says that our life coaches care very much about the business they've made a part of their every day life.  So much so, that they are spending whatever it takes (time and money) to provide their clients with the best possible service.  They are paying their dues, receiving training and agreeing to practice with a certain standard of conduct and quality that there is otherwise no guarantee of getting in a life coaching experience.

With Strifecoach, they're not getting just another life coach.

Some of the ethics and practices that a Strifecoach is bound by are -

  1.  To be in good financial standing​

  2.  To not have a recent violent, sexual or fraudulent criminal history

  3. Agree to act professionally

  4. Agree to market themselves and their services honestly and will never mislead prospective clients

  5. Agree to maintain a professional relationship with clients at all times

  6. Agree to resolve any conflicts of interest

  7. Agree to have a concise coaching agreement with all clients before beginning

  8. Agree to respect the confidential nature of the coach/client relationship and to have a confidentiality agreement as part of their intake paperwork

Our commitment to helping people -

The Strifecoach certification was founded with 2 things in mind:

First, to help people by providing a more focused experience of life coaching.  Connecting people who have struggled in the past and have the experience to overcome the things that others need guidance to grow out of.  We see Strifecoach as a new breed of life coach that isn't just looking for a great source of extra income, but one that truly has the experience and expertise that future potential clients can benefit from the most.


Second, after realizing a new hyper focused type of coaching could be a powerful tool to help people in the quest to launch a new life, we also realized that it can be very hard to get started in the life coaching world.  We know that most of the successful life coaches out there just needed that one "break out" opportunity in order to find their stride.  What's the reason behind this struggle to start filling your schedule with appointments? We've found the number one reason why coaches can have a hard time getting themselves established is because there is no standard.  Nothing regulating the life coaching field, and because of that just about anybody who wants to say that they are a life coach can do so right?  Technically you don't even need to be certified as a life coach in order to start accepting money from clients.  The problem that many life coaches share, of not being able to "break out", is because of exactly that.  It's hard for people who are investigating a life coach as a solution to poor habits or relationship problems or what have you, to discern where to even begin.  Who to choose?  Can this person really help me?  And the biggest question of all: Is a life coach worth the money?  Strifecoach's secondary goal was to become an avenue for any aspiring life coach to be able to get a heads up in the game by not only hyper focusing the niche the coach chooses, but to also deliver credibility to those that choose to be part of the Strifecoach brand.  When a person sees the Strifecoach badge on a business card or website it causes pause, interest and further investigation.  Shortly into more research a person will begin to build a picture of what exactly Strifecoach means.  This becomes your "break out" moment.  Those that certify with Strifecoach and proudly display the badge will become more and more of a commodity as life coaching gains popularity.

What Strifecoach Has To Offer It's Subscribers


Strifecoach: True Stories-

$48 - 6 month subscription

$60 - 1 year subscription

A monthly newsletter sent straight to your inbox filled impactful stories from life coaches and others about their journeys with and eventual mental health success.  It also offers other tools and a variety of avenues to trailblaze your own path as a mental health advocate and coach.

The Strifecoach newsletter subscription will also get patrons access to all of including:

  • An in depth forum led by life coaches.  Ask anything self help related and get your answer directly from a professional.

  • Access to all of the life coach profiles we host.  Quickly find the perfect life coach for any situation.

  • Access to free online programs as they become available.  Designed by some of our most valuable Strifecoach certified life coaches

The Strifecoach certification-

$199  - 1 year certification

Your chance to break out as a life coach, hyper focus your niche and super charge your business.

Benefits of the Strifecoach certification:

  1. Instant credibility online as a life coach

  2. A listing on our searchable database

  3. A unique Strifecoach profile

  4. Powerful backlinks for organic SEO improvements

  5. Stand out with a unique, limited and trusted certification and logo.  SEE HOW IT LOOKS

Featured Strifecoach-

$99 - 4 weeks

Want to give your business an extra boost?  Put us to work for you with a 4 week marketing package!  The featured Strifecoach service not only gets you an extra FEATURED page on THESTRIFECOACH.COM  We also go to work putting your information out there.  Includes even more backlinks to your website and additional social media promotion through our network.  It never hurts to have your very own personal advertising campaign right?

Life Coach listing and Profile-

$12.99 per month.

This is a great option if you aren't interested in the Strifecoach certification and have very little interest or knowledge in building websites, but would still like to establish a professional online presence.  We will create a life coach profile for you with any information on it that you desire.  Pricing, contact information, personal experience and qualifications; we will make it all available for online business to browse without the hassle, time and cost of building a website yourself.

Full custom Branding and Website Design-


This includes -

Custom logo creation and a professional website built for you by our team that specializes in marketing for life coaches, with all SEO improvements included with delivery.  That's right!  There's no extra charge for SEO improvements like many others charge on top of their normal fee. (Note: due to popularity of this service single payments orders will be queued and and delivered within 2 weeks of order date)  Full details on our "Become a Strifecoach" page

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