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A life coach is considered a type of "wellness professional" who helps people make progress in their lives in order to strive for and attain greater fulfillment.  Life coaches guide their clients in an effort to improve their relationships, careers, finances and day to day lives.

Life coaches can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming these obstacles.  In creating these strategies, life coaches target your unique skills and gifts, and many niche coaches are able to help through personal experience.  By helping you make the most of your strengths, a good life coach, specifically Strifecoach certified life coaches will provide the support you need to achieve long lasting change. 


Many people are now seeking out life coaches for guidance in navigating a significant life change, such as taking on a new career.  In plenty of cases, however, people turn to life coaches simply for help in building a happier, more meaningful life.

There are a number of indications that working with a life coach could be helpful for you.  These signs include:

  • Frequent irritability

  • High levels of stress and/or anxiety

  • Inability to break bad habits

  • Lack of fulfillment in your social life

  • Persistent feeling of dissatisfaction at work

  • Sense of blocked creativity

  • frequently failing personal relationships

In recent years, life coaches have acquired a considerable presence in the mainstream.  Indeed, a growing number of creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs are now teaming up with life coaches to attain success in their professional and personal lives.

The life coaching industry is getting bigger as more and more people are going the "mentor" route to overcome rather than a traditional licensed therapist.  With a 6.7 percent annual growth rate between the years 2019 - 2022 and the demand for qualified life coaches increasing, the prospects of becoming a successful life coach paint a very bright picture for any willing entrepreneur.


Some life coaches take a more general, all encompassing approach, but there are many that specialize and focus on helping people in specific areas, these are called niches.  Some of the niches of life coaches include:

  • Addiction and sobriety coaching

  • Business, executive, and leadership coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Dating and relationship coaching

  • Diet and fitness coaching

  • Divorce coaching

  • Family life coaching

  • Financial coaching

  • Health and wellness coaching

  • Mental health coaching

  • Spirituality coaching

  • Sports coaching

The Difference Between a Life Coach and a Therapist

Although there may be some overlap in the benefits of working with a life coach and participating in psychotherapy with a licensed therapist, these professionals have distinct roles and serve unique purposes.

Unlike life coaches, therapists and other mental health professionals focus on healing, treating mental health conditions, and helping people work through trauma and other issues from their past.  While working with a life coach may help you to deal with certain unresolved issues, life coaches cannot treat mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction or any other mental health condition.


  • Can treat mental health conditions

  • Have a degree and are licensed in a related field

  • Adhere to ethical codes

Life Coaches

  • Cannot treat mental health conditions

  • Do not need any formal qualifications or academic training

  • Are not required to follow health privacy laws

Therapists have a degree and are licensed mental health professionals.  They must follow an ethical code and adhere to regulations regarding confidentiality and ongoing education.

Life coaches, on the other hand, are not governed by any board, technically do not need a certification or license and don't have to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), and its privacy rules that help protect your personal health information.  This fact is one of the most difficult things for a life coach to overcome.  Because there is no oversight or regulation concerning life coaches and ethics while helping their clients, trust and branding as well as focusing on a niche are very important to life coaches.

The effects of Covid19, namely the lockdown changed the dynamics of the way the world does business and also greatly affected mental health of many.

Although traditionally many life coach sessions were held in person, technology and culture have made it easier than ever to start life coaching session from the comfort of your own home. 

A life coach can help a person in many ways but should never be considered as a substitute for a mental health professional.  If you're experiencing symptoms of a mental health problem such as feeling of hopelessness, difficulty concentrating, sleep disruption, and mood disturbance, its crucial to consult a mental health professional as soon as possible.


One of the main benefits of working with a life coach is the ability to gain a fresh, informed perspective on problems that you face.  In addition to offering new insight into challenges, a life coach can help you to zero in on negative patterns that could be standing in the way of your success.

Many people view working with a life coach as a means of bridging the gap between your current circumstances and the life you'd like to lead.  The following are some of the positive outcomes that could result from joining forces with a life coach:

  • Better work/life balance

  • Elimination of long held fears and anxieties

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Greater financial security

  • Improved communication skills

  • More satisfying work life

  • Stronger relationships with friends and family

Additionally, people frequently pair up with life coaches in order to work through barriers that may interfere with finding a partner/mate.  Many people also look to life coaches for help in identifying their passion and carving out their ideal career path.

Since sessions typically take place on a regular basis over a prolonged period of time, life coaches can ensure that their clients are implementing what is necessary to experience significant change.

Along with providing the support and motivation essential for maintaining momentum, coaches can observe when a client is stuck or needs to recalibrate their goals.  As a result, clients often achieve those goals more quickly and efficiently than they would if working on their own.  Many niche life coaches speak and guide through personal experience.  Having already over come the trial of their client they can give advice and strategy, becoming a great tool in the life of someone who is in need of their experienced perspective.  

Sessions with a life coach typically range from $50 to $200 per hour, the average being $115 per hour.  While a great life coach is well worth their hyper focused advice at these prices, it can be difficult make a distinction between which ones are worth your time and money and which ones are not.


While people may report subjective benefits after seeing a life coach, there have also been studies that have shown that life coaching can be beneficial in a number of areas.

Research also suggests that life coaching can have a range of other positive effects, including improvements in personal insight and improve self reflection.  It may also help improve overall mental health and quality of life.


As a formal field, coaching is relatively young, but it has roots in many older disciplines.  It draws on areas that include the human potential movement of the 1960's, leadership training, adult education, personal development, and numerous areas of psychology.

Life coaching formally emerged during the 1980's and grew in popularity throughout the 1990's and 2000's.  Some of the earliest life coaches focused on life planning, but the field eventually grew to encompass other life areas including relationships, finances, careers, health, and overall well being.

There are many companies out there offering programs to certify life coaches that all teach slightly different principles, techniques and offer different strategies and techniques to help life coaches succeed.  These programs are a great tool, not only for aspiring life coaches but also their potential clients.  They help to maximize the life coach experience on both sides, but they don't guarantee the experience a person may have with any given life coach.  STRIFECOACH is a new certification that helps to establish brand and ethics standards within the life coaching industry to not only help aspiring life coaches gain a foot hold in their business, but to also help potential clients navigate their way through the many options out there.  STRIFECOACH is a limited and premium membership that holds its badge holders at a higher standard, so when you see a STRIFECOACH badge on some ones profile, website or business card you know that the life coach you're interested in is held to an ethical standard, immediately establishing trust and integrity above all others


Do you have unique experience in overcoming obstacles in life and want to shift into a work space where you can not only help people but also work for yourself?  The life coach field not only continues to grow year after year but it can also be a very lucrative venture for those who have the ambition to succeed as a part of it.  The average annual salary of a life coach inside the United States is $63,000, not too bad considering the many other pros that come along with starting your own life coaching business.  Getting into the life coaching industry can be very rewarding to all those interested in creating wealth.  Many life coaches charge anywhere from $50 to $200 an hour depending on your chosen "niche".  Financial wealth as well as flexibility in your daily schedule are the two greatest factors in most peoples decisions to change their lives while also changing others lives, when becoming a life coach.  Helping others and being able to set your own schedule, work your own hours and take as many or as few clients as you wish are other factors that make life coaching so fulfilling.  Do your own research then let us help you launch your new career.  Make money at home by becoming a life coach and supercharge your business with Strifecoach.  Strifecoach helps establish credibility while allowing life coaches to stand out, saying "I'm something special", something that can normally take many life coaches years to do while gaining a foothold on their new path.


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